Know Your Life Partner Through Planets in 7th House

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In Astrology we see that each planet has its own characteristics. 7th house is the house of relationship, spouse, marriage and marital happiness. It is one of the “Kama” houses, a house of sexual desires.  A strong 7th house indicates happy marital life, satisfaction from partner, social status and enormous materialistic gains.   The planets posited in the 7th house impact your spouse nature and also your marital life. With the help of astrology we can know more about the life partner of a person by looking at the planets posited in the 7th house.

Sun: If Sun is posited in the 7th house, marriage delay will be there. The person will not get complete happiness through spouse. The spouse will be from well to do family and will be of undesirable thoughts and notions. Separation and second marriage can be there is there is affliction on the 7th house by malefic planets. If devoid of aspect of Jupiter or Moon, there will be neither bliss nor peace in marital life.

Moon: If Moon is in the 7th house, the spouse will be attractive, charismatic and highly charming person. Look young than actual age. He / she will be obedient and dutiful. The person will be passionate and easily attracted to member of the opposite sex. If moon is afflicted by malefic planets through aspect or conjunction, then the conjugal life of the person will be severely affected.

Mars: When Mars occupies the 7th house, the native will be active, sexy, attracted to the opposite sex. However the marital life will be disturbed as the native is nagged by spouse. Married life will be full of tensions and stress. The person may have relationship outside of marriage. Mars in the 7th house causes Bhauma Dosha also known as Kuja dosham or Mangalik Dosha. If Mars has aspect of Saturn, sever health issues to the spouse can be predicted.

Mercury: Mercury in the 7th house, possibility of early marriage is there. The native will get a rich life partner.  The native will be knowledgeable and multi talented and enjoy intellectual conversation with partner. The spouse will be well dressed, educated, but can be from average family background. The spouse will be religious minded and fond of occult knowledge. If Mercury is afflicted then the native will have multiple life partners.

Jupiter: When Jupiter is in the 7th house, which is the prime house of spouse and marriage. The spouse will be from a decent family and will be attractive, virtuous and highly cultured. The native will be educated and gain through marriage. In a women horoscope Jupiter in the 7th house is not good as it is the karka for husband. Here Jupiter will disturb marital happiness and bring distance in relationship.

Venus: “karaka bhava nasha” is a rule in Vedic astrology, which means that when Karka itself is posited in its own house then it reduces the signification of that house. Venus is the karka for marriage and in the male horoscope, Venus is the karka for women. Going by the above Vedic Astrology Rule, if Venus is present in the 7th house, it will effect the natives marital life significantly. When Venus is in the 7th house it bring intimate relationships with other members. In a male horoscope the person will be passionate and good looking and fond of spending money on other women and earn bad name. If there is affliction on Venus then the native will be fond of unnatural sexual habits, have strong materialistic desires and fond of gambling and drinking. The person will have magnetic personality but will not be loyal to anyone.

Saturn: When Saturn is in the 7th house, the person life partner will be of lower social status. There will be delays in marriage and obstacles in marital life. The native can have a inter cast marriage. The age difference between the native and spouse can also be significant.

Rahu: If Rahu is posited in the 7th house and aspected by other malefic, there will be delay in marriage. It is known as Kalathra Dosham. The native will enjoy company of low caste women. Health issues to the spouse will be there.  In a female horoscope it is seen that Rahu in the 7th house usually causes excessive dischange during mensus or loss of blood during delivery of child.

Ketu: When Ketu is posited in the 7th house, there will be delay or denial in marriage. The native will develop illicit contacts with person of dubious character. There will be no peace and happiness in marital life. The native will have unhappy marriage and there will be strong difference of opinion with married partner. If malefic affliction to the 7th house and 7th lord is severe then the native may separate from spouse.


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  1. sir my nem is ranadeep ghosh my date of birth is 13 may 1991 sir mere shadi kisse hogi or kab konse year me hoge pls bataye na

    1. Pls provide your date of birth time of birth and place of birth. Tab kuch bata sakte. Note kijiyega na.

      1. Hi jvs sir, plz let me know whether my birthchart shows love or arranged marriage. when can my marriage happen?will it atleast happen in next year?because i couldnot see any chances of my marriage this year. Details 16th dec 1991, evng 6.17 pm, Visakhapatnam

  2. Chances of divorce male dob 06 04 1974 13.10 Calcutta female dob 06 12 1975 22.20 Calcutta Thank you.

    1. You are running the mahadasha of Jupiter which is the lord of the 6th house. Saturn rules the 7th house which is the prime house of marriage. Saturn in transit is in the 6th house and has aspect of Rahu. The possibility of separation is very much there.


      Navneet Khanna

  3. My dob 5-5-1997,time 00:55am,place – kundapura karnataka. When will get a job? Which kind of job? And about future life, partner?

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