Love Compatibility – Relationship Planets in the Horoscope

Love Compatibility

Everyone wants to know about their Love compatibility. We all want to go for a long drive in the countryside, holding hands with your beloved. Romantic candle-light dinner with soft music playing in the background. It’s all part of romance that we dream as we grow old. There is a strong longing for romance in most of us. After romance, the logical advancement is to have love and eventually marriage. After all it is everyone’s desire– to love and to be loved.

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Love Compatibility – Relationship Planets in the Horoscope

However, some are not all that lucky when it comes to relationships and love. Some have incompatible relationships or only physical connections but no mental compatibility is there. Western Astrology suggests that 5/9 relationship of sun sign is most beneficial and people with such compatibility enjoy total bliss and happiness. They are compatible mentally and also physically. No matter what others do around them, they will live in a dream world of their own and dwell in a small but cosy and comfortable place they consider as good as heaven. They would not excessively show their love in public or make it as an exhibition but have deep thinking and strong mental compatibility. This however I believe is general compatibility as most importantly the planets make large influence on the person’s behavior and likes and dislikes. If the planets are favorable the couple will have a great time, if not then they will only suffer in that relationship.


What are the various relationships planets in one’s horoscope that indicate good Love compatibility?

1. If the 5th house be occupied by Venus or aspected by Venus that means that Venus is looking at the 5th house, generally the 7th aspect, the native assumes love is a feeling, a tingling emotion. Moreover, he /she feels strong physical attraction towards the member of the opposite sex. The native will tend to be highly romantic.

2. If the 5th house is occupied by Sun – Sun is the soul, the person will always be thinking, be concerned and be sensitive towards his/her beloved. The 5th house is of intelligence, the native will try different ways to attract the member of the opposite sex.

3. True love grows when the 5th house is occupied by Mars as it is the planet of union.

4. Great love is indicated by beneficial Moon – in the 5th and also 7th house, the native will have a strong inclination towards romance, love and willingness to get married at the earliest.

5. Happier love relationship is produced by aspect of benefic Jupiter in the 5th and 7th house. The native will be true and honest in his relationship and will be generous and have an attitude to compromise.

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3 thoughts on “Love Compatibility – Relationship Planets in the Horoscope

  1. Hi
    I read your article on Jupiter, and liked it. I want to know about my marriage and love life. My DOB is 2nd September, 1977, POB is Keonjhar, Orissa and TOB is 4.45pm. Can you tell me when am I likely to get married, will it be a love marriage and will I have good compatibility with my soulmate? My marriage got called off in 2011. Is there any chance of reunion with the same guy?

    1. Thanks Trina for visit

      First what I can see in your horoscope is that you have kalsarp dosha, because of which you will face many hurdles in your life. Ketu aspects the 7th house of marriage and married life. Saturn in the 7th house will only further delay marriage. Jupiter the karka for husband is in an inimical distance. Chances of marriage not not strong but very much there. Saturn is the lagnesh or the ascendant lord and is in the 7th house, meaning it it will delay but not deny. The 4th lord Moon is in kendra in a benefic house. Venus is the yogakarka planet is placed in the 7th house. The second half of 2014 will bring chances that you desire as you complete the mahadasha of Moon and enter the Mahadasa of Mars. Mars is the planet for union. In your horoscope it rules the 4th house of family comfort and luxuries and 11th house of gains. Gains during the period of Mars are certain. However you have some idea about your husband which may not work in reality, so you need to be ready for some compromise on that front. Chances of arrange marriage are much stronger.

      You may do the following for benefits.

      1. Recite mantra Om Namaha Shaivaye 108 times daily.
      2. Wear Pearl in Silver on your right hand little finger on Monday Morning.
      3. read Hanuman Chalisa Daily.

      God Bless,

      Navneet Khanna

  2. plz predict my marriage ? in my chart mars in 5 house and jupiter in 7 house ?

    14.56 p.m
    ludhiana punjab

    what type spouse will i get?
    plz reply

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