Numerology Number Meaning and Significance

Numerology Number Meanings

Numerology Number Meaning

Numbers are used in our day to day lives. We see them everywhere, on the TV, in the newspaper, on lottery tickets, on friends’ social media posts. Did you know that each number has a meaning, YES it has spiritual meaning. In this article we discuss the Numerology Number Meaning of each number.

Numbers can also represent future events in our lives, upcoming changes, or be seen as signs to take action on something.

“We not only see numbers in our everyday lives, but in our dreams as well. Sometimes things we see in our everyday lives or in our dreams can actually represent numbers.” according to Brandon Hall of Paranormal Authority.

What Certain Numbers May Mean for You?

Given below are the Numerology Number Meaning explained for each number.  Certain schools of Numerology do not take Zero as a number, as it is attached to other numbers it does have a spiritual side as well. Even Zero has a Numerology number meaning.  

0 is the number of change and a sign of no beginning or end. 0s are usually very independent people who do not like to depend on others for anything in their lives. The only thing that matters to 0s is themselves and their happiness.

1 is the number of change and new beginnings. 1s are usually loners and they do not like to depend on others. 1s are also very creative people who often produce great works of art.

2 is the number of duality. 2s are usually very artistic people who like to be surrounded by creativity. 2s tend to be great lovers with big hearts.

3 is the number of unity, harmony, and completion. 3’s are usually very independent people who do not like to depend on others. It also means communication, good communication is important to 3 people.

4 is the number of power and authority. 4s like to control people and situations around them because they like to feel powerful. 4s do not like to be controlled by others so they avoid letting others in when it comes to making big decisions in their lives.

5 is the number of freedom, but it is also the number of strife and discord. 5s are usually very competitive people who love the thrill of a challenge. 5s need to learn that it’s okay to let go of their hatred and anger and forgive those who wrong them.

6s are usually very dedicated to their families and loved ones. 6s love their children and parents equally. 6s usually spend a lot of time with their family and friends and this is how they show their love to them.

7 is the number of deep thought, introspection, and analysis. 7s are usually very analytical people who love to learn new things every day. 7s are also very intuitive people who can sense things before they actually happen.

8 is the number of financial success and prosperity or material gain. Eights are ambitious and strong willed people who like to work hard for what they want. 8s love money but they don’t love materialistic things.

9 is the number of completion and perfection. 9s are usually very quiet people who keep to themselves most of the time. 9s like to finish what they start or get it right so they can move on.

10 is the number of new beginnings. 10s are usually very extroverted people who love to travel and meet new people. They are the life of any party they go to because they tend to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and how they relate to people and their lives. Numerology is the process of using numbers to determine your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, or progress in life, or to predict an event or future circumstance.

Numerology is based on the belief that numbers have inherent characteristics which are different for each person. For example, the letters in your name or the numbers in your date of birth can tell you about your personality traits or to what degree you need certain things in life.

Numerology is a system of analysis and analysis involves assigning numeric value to letters and words. It is also used in astrology. The numerology analysis identifies the likely outcome for a given person using the assigned values.

Numerology is a method of divination through numerical values. In numerology, the numbers themselves determine certain characteristics of a person or his/her personality. Numerology is based on the concept that each number has an inherent chi or energy, and also has “essence.” A number’s essence can be seen in things such as a color or sound. Each number represents a specific personality trait.

The most common belief in numerology is that the letters of one’s name can be added together to determine one’s personality traits. Some people believe that the month in which someone was born has an influence over their personality or character. For example, those who are born in January are more likely to be organized, responsible, and ambitious than those born in December.

What do Dreams and Numerology have in Common?

Both numerology and your dreams are part of the Akashic Record (also known as Akasha). The Akasha is a storehouse of knowledge that is recorded in the minds of all humans. This record contains free-flowing information that you can access through your dreams and through numerology.

This record defines our personality traits and includes the events in our lives that will be meaningful, which means it contains a record of events yet to occur. Furthermore, it contains a record of how we respond to certain situations.

The Akasha mainly consists of yet-to-be-consumed spiritual energy (for example, future events). All information in the Akasha includes symbols, pictures, words, pictures, sounds or feelings.


It’s important to pay attention to the Numerology number meaning that we frequently see as they can help up mentally and spiritually. Learning to accept the number may change our lives for the better. Paying attention to these numbers can happen in many forms; however, there are signs that can be found very easily. Hope you liked the article on Numerology Number meaning. If you liked the article then please comment below.

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