Sade Satti the difficult phase of Saturn effects & remedies

Shani sade satti remedies

The planet Saturn is associated with success through hard work, obstacles in life, financial hardships and tough life lessons. The difficulties that arise due to Saturn are especially prominent during its transit through the 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the position of the moon in the birth horoscope. This period lasts for 7 and ½ years and is known as the Sade Satti. An individual undergoing Sade Satti experiences ill health, loss of income, family disputes, high spending and general misunderstandings.

The Three phase of Sade Satti 

The first stage is marked by stress, tension, loss of income and high expenses. Ventures get stalled due to obstacles and health issues crop up suddenly. The second phase negatively impacts family life and relationships with others. Family disputes, financial problems and health concerns are common during this phase. The third stage leads to huge financial losses, high expenditure and health problems.

It goes without saying that Sade Satti is generally dreaded due to the negative impact it has on all aspects of life. Still, many traditional remedies work to reduce the malefic impact of this phase. Listed below are the remedies for Sade Satti that lessen the suffering and hardships associated with this transit.

Sade Satti Remedies:

Worship of Lord Hanuman

Prayers to Lord Hanuman can bring relief during Sade Satti. Reading the Hanuman Chalisa and lighting a lamp in a hanuman temple on Saturdays, during this phase, ease the severity of the negative effects of this phase.

Prayers to Saturn

Saturdays are governed by Saturn. Lighting a til oil or mustard oil lamp in a Shani temple on Saturdays, reading the Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra on Saturdays and pouring til oil on a metal idol of Saturn are remedies that help mitigate the harmful influences of Sade Satti.

Make donations

Donate salt, blankets, shoes, umbrellas, black clothing and iron objects. Donate to the underprivileged, to blind people and the physically challenged, offer peanuts and coconuts in temples. Donations of 8 objects should be made at a time, for example, donate 8 blankets at a time, to pacify Saturn.

Other remedies for Relief during Sade Satti

Consult an astrologer, then wear a silver ring on your left hand or wear a blue sapphire on the middle finger of your right hand. Feed rice to crows on a daily basis, feed lentils to fish, and give food to black dogs. Carry a square piece of silver in your pocket. Be particular about treating others with respect during this time, pay owed money on time, clean your home of clutter and avoid leather goods during this phase, to diminish the problems associated with Sade Satti.

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