Retrograde Jupiter in Transit helps you make better decisions

retrograde jupiter

Jupiter will remain retrograde Jupiter retrograde from April 10, 2019 till 11 August 2019. Jupiter gets retrograde once a year and for about 4 months. During this period Jupiter will transit in sign Scorpio.

Jupiter which is known as the planet for expansion and  growth seems to slow down and turn backwards during this period.  This period may begin some self introspection as you find yourself not in tune with what you eventually desire.

This Jupiter Retrograde will make you pull back and you may begin to re-evaluate your priorities. As Jupiter is a planet for growth and Leo is about independence and authority, you can use this period to reconsider things that you have followed till now and re-examine where you are heading and want to see yourself in days ahead.

We all have hidden powers , unfortunately we rarely listen to them. Jupiter retrograde encourages us to take out time, listen to our inner voice. Listen to yourself and what it is telling you, it is easier now than ever. However during this period you will feel that you cannot trust what you know and you keep struggling with confidence.  As Jupiter is a psychic planet, you may experience incorrect psychic senses.  In others words your intuition that you experience may be confusing and misinterpreted easily.

During the period of Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio there will be a huge deficit of trust.  You do not whom to trust. You will even disagree spiritually and try to break free from traditions and customs.  You will question and ask yourself “if I know what I think I know”. You will experience strong back and forth kind of feeling which will indicate a deep lack of confidence in your abilities

In the sign of Scorpio, Jupiter retrograde is all about re-examining yourself and figuring about what is gone wrong till now and redoing things differently.  It is the period to ignore and reject the temptation to move only with your thoughts and look at things judiciously. Your better awareness that you will get of what you need and want from life will be changed during this period of Jupiter Retrograde, you should use that better awareness to make necessary plans and improve your life ahead.

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