Effects and Remedies for Rahu in the 2nd house

rahu in second house

A native with Rahu in the second house earns a lot of money, but is likely to spend most of it unless there are other indications to the contrary. The native may earn money from abroad. If there is malefic affliction can earn money through dubious means. He becomes arrogant and a liar. Speaks ill of others and gets into arguments easily. Generally such natives have much greed for money and are in the habit of entering arguments. The speech of the native is harsh and is not liked by others. He finds himself incapable of expressing himself clearly and faces opposition from colleagues, seniors at workplace.

If the Rahu is afflicted the native family life is disturbed. Such a native is opposed to his own relatives and many others too. There is danger from enemies but the native is fearless. At times, such a native may be in control of evil people resulting in punishment by the government. The native travels a lot and is selfish. Through the native is ready to do anything and everything, he finds many obstacles in the way and has to try extremely hard to achieve his objectives. Here may be scars, ache on the face and the teeth may be asymmetrical. The person may also have problems related to the eyes.


Lal Kitab Remedy when there is Rahu in the 2nd house:

  1. Keep along a solid ball of Silver always with you. Do not accept any electrical goods as a gift.
  1. Give food to the Birds daily
  1. Float Coconut in the Running water, especially during the birthday of the Native
  1. Do not Wear Black and Blue Coloured Clothes
  1. Keep a Pet Dog

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