Mantras Auspicious Sounds in Vedic Astrology

vedic mantra

Mantra is a complete set of words derived from the Vedas attributed to the deities. Mantras have come down to us from our Maharishis, saints and yogis. Mantras are used in rituals or tantric sadhana, whispered or chanted in different combinations and contexts, setting up pattern of vibrations. Pronouncing of the mantra is very important along with understanding its meaning. Hindus believe that connecting with the Almighty God, good health, obstacles in life can be attained by chanting the right mantra. According to our Shastras and Maharishies, Mantras is the way to attain ones desires, provided one recites them with complete faith and in the prescribed method. The recitation of words of mantras should be clear and correct in order to create the right vibrations.

Mantra Sadhana is not easy.  Without faith and belief, such practice should be avoided. Guidance of a competent teacher or Guru is necessary to attain success.

A Sadkaha is the person who recites Mantras, meditation and performs all the rites to attain sidhi through mantras. The sadhaka should observe strict rules and regulations very strictly  while practicing Mantra Shakti.

The following guidelines are provided which should be followed by the Sadkaha

  1. Complete faith and loyalty along with clear heart towards the deity.
  2. Do not do Mantra Shakti under pressure.
  3. Avoid harsh speech, anger, lust, evil company and egoism.
  4. Sadhana without any specific aim bears fruits early.
  5. Living a bharmacharya life during this time will be helpful in getting faster results.

How does mantra meditation work?

We need to understand that Mantras are energy based sounds. The human body is essentially made up of multiple energies and therefore it’s resonates with the vibrations or frequency produced in sound.  At the center of human are energy vortexes called Chakras through which the energy flows. Tensions and stress block the flow of energy causing more stress and disease. Mantra with the use of these powerful sounds helps this energy to unblock the Chakras restoring the flow and brings back balance in the body and general well being.

Type of Mantras:

Shantikaran:   These mantras are for bringing health and curing disease. They are also good for warding off evil planetary influence.

Vashikaran: These mantras are for controlling other people.

Stambhan: These mantras are for thwarting an enemy action.

Ucchatan: these mantras are for distracting enemies.

Moksha: these mantras are for liberation from the cycle of life and death.

Popular Vedic  Mantras

Shiva Mantra

“Om Namaha Shivaye”

Vasudev Mantra

“Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaye Namah”

Ganapati Mantra

“Om Sharem Harim Klim Glaum Gam Ganapataye Namaha”

Hanuman Mantra

“Om Hoom Hanumate Rudratamakaye Hoom Phut Swaha”

Sarswati Mantra

“Om Aim Kling Saum Saraswatiye Namaha”


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