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Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality and Compatibility


SCORPIO is the eighth sign and is ruled by the planet Mars. SCORPIOS are the searchers of the zodiac and have an insatiable desire for knowledge on every level. From spiritual and intellectual revelations, SCORPIOS want the edge on everybody else. This is an extremely strong sign, which gives SCORPIOS strong will power and an intense emotional drive. Because of this strong emotional drive, they need to keep their integrity high or else they fall into undesirable behavior such as violence, jealousy, hatred, or possessiveness. SCORPIOS are not half-way people, whatever they do; they do it with intensity and completeness. They have no fear of death.

SCORPIOS often become workaholics. They drive themselves hard, and usually drive others unmercifully. They despise weakness in themselves or in others. Often they will help others, but then they expect the one who was helping to start helping themselves. They will give a helping hand, but not for long. SCORPIOS are secretive people and like to keep their true nature as hidden as possible. SCORPIO is a person who is intractable and impenetrable, so the secretive SCORPIO usually remains a secret.

SCORPIO individuals are enigmatic, strong-willed, and passionate. People born under this sign are considered to be dynamic and extreme in their opinions. SCORPIOS need a positive avenue of expression in career, love, and creative achievement or their feelings turn inward, imprisoned, and at times even destructive. The positive aspect of SCORPIO is their unswerving dedication once their emotions are engaged. The SCORPIO energy, drive, and endurance are legend. Above all, the SCORPIO seeks to give life a meaningful pattern, to find a deeper purpose. Controversially, SCORPIOS are ruthless enemies, they never forgive an injury and will wait years to get even. SCORPIO is a fierce competitor, though often they manage to conceal this from others. SCORPIOS file away pieces of information, facts, names and don’t hesitate to use what they know if the occasion arises. Astrologers forget to emphasize how loving, generous, kind, loyal, even the gentle quality of a SCORPIO. A SCORPIO never forgets a kind gesture and tries to repay it handsomely.


The typical SCORPIO is interested in marriage and long-term commitment. To SCORPIO, love is an intensely passionate and enduring emotion that may be directed at one person only. Love is central to the life of typical SCORPIOS and inspires many of their ambitions and actions. It is true those SCORPIO men and women have strong sexual appetites and require a deep physical attraction towards their lover. Suspicious and wary, SCORPIOS are reluctant to trust their heart to anyone. But once they do, they love deeply. With a SCORPIO, it is usually all or nothing at all. SCORPIOS are passionate in love, and passionate about everything in which they become involve.


Scorpio as a rule only has a few friends and expects loyalty from them. SCORPIOS is not a natural social person, but will keep close friends for many years. SCORPIOS are loners who look to themselves to solve problems. It is often said that a SCORPIO wants to know everyone’s secret but never willingly divulges his or her own. SCORPIO natives have a great wisdom and are often sought as life guides.




Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Leo and Virgo


Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius


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