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Do planets have effect on humans our Mood and Behavior

Do planets have effect

In this article, we find out if planets have effect on humans our mood and behavior. Physicists tell us that the tides and level of water on our planet in the oceans rise and fall due to the moon’s gravity. Even though the moon is smaller in size and has less mass than our earth, it can exert visible effects on ...

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Moon Sign Horoscope Predictions – January 2018

Moon Sign Horoscope Predictions January 2018

Please find the monthly readings for the month of January 2018. These readings are based on Moon signs. My readers are requested to check their individual rashi and then check their respective predictions. If not sure of your Moon sign, then please contact me for free to know your Moon sign. – 06/01/2018 Mercury from Scorpio to Sagittarius – 13/01/2018 ...

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