Types Of Psychic Readings And Which is best for You

types of psychic readings

There are many different types of psychic readings.  Choosing one that is suitable to your needs and what you’re going through in life can often be difficult.  Because each type of reading has something different to offer, it’s important to understand the uses of each psychic service before choosing one.

In this article we will explain 4 types of psychic readings and when you should use them.

Palm Reading

A palm reading is in many ways the simplest and most straightforward of all the psychic readings we will discuss.  In a palm reading, the natural lines and creases of a person’s palm are examined to learn more about their future and personality.

Depending on the school of palmistry being practice, your palmist may even study the shape of your hand to foretell your future.  Lines such as the “heart line” and “life line” are examined to better understand a person’s character and what their future holds.

Tip: You should consider having a palm reading at least once in your life during a transitional period. You should also have a palm reading if you are unsure of the future and want to gain insight.

Tarot Reading

A tarot reading involves interpreting a tarot spread to understand and foretell the future.  There are many different types of tarot readings and spreads, and each can be used for different things.  You can learn the basics of tarot reading here too if you want.

Tarot readings have been used for a long time as a tool for personal growth and advice in times of uncertainty.  The use of tarot cards for interpretation dates back to early civilization and its history is quite impressive.

Tip: You should consider a tarot reading if you are seeking answers to a specific question or are at a standstill in your life.



Astrology is one of the more complicated types of psychic readings.  It is the foretelling of the future and a person’s personality traits (as well as various compatibilities) based on their birth time and the positioning of celestial objects.

Astrology can be used in many ways and alongside tarot cards to increase the accuracy of tarot readings.  If you are interested in learning how to choose an astrologer, here’s a great article for you to read here.

 Tip: Use astrology to determine love compatibility before going out on a date.  It will be easier to find your soulmate this way!


Aura Readings

 Aura readings are the interpretation of human energy fields that surround a person.  Psychics have performed aura readings for many years, and are quite attuned to people’s natural auras.  An aura reading can be performed in many different ways, and it is often helpful to have an aura reading if you are sensing some sort of illness.

Tip: Use a psychic skilled in interpreting aura fields and energy if you have been suffering any type of undiagnosed illness.  Quite often, aura energy can present itself in such a way that a trained psychic will be able to interpret what’s wrong before any doctor can diagnose the issue.


With so many options and types of psychic readings, there are also many professionals offering their services.  First and foremost, you should know what type of psychic service you want.  But be sure to consult with a trained spiritual advisor such as Manhattan Psychic if you choose psychic readings NYC to begin your journey.  However, there are certainly psychics all over the world to help you on your path.

If you take all the right steps we believe you’ll be well on your way to complete peace and content in your spiritual life.

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