Venus in Libra – Planetary Transit from Bitterness to Harmony in Relationship

venus in libra

The Transit of Venus in Libra comes after Venus passes through Virgo. Venus in Libra which is its own sign tends to bring a period of sensitivity and giving in a relationship. Prior to Venus entering Libra its transits through Virgo which is the sign in which Venus gets debilitated.  When in Virgo, Venus is at its lowest point bringing misunderstanding, insecurity and bitterness in a relationship. The period will be low in emotions.  The person will communicate more with the powers of Mercury which may not be all too loving and caring. With the extremely calculative and logical powers of Mercury, the native will weight his relationship through gains and losses. The native will evaluate the relationship before taking decisions. This is contrary to the true powers of Venus which is absolute peace, harmony and lots of love.

Venus in Libra Significance

When Venus transit through Libra, the native is willing to harmonize and willing to give than take in a relationship. This gracious, peace loving energy makes you express yourself from your heart. True friendship and love means much more to you. Civilized and refined, you avoid all types of discord and conflicts. Since a serene relationship is very important, you will make any sacrifice for the sake of peace and harmony in your life and relationship.

In Libra, Venus is at its best, very seductive and giving. However, this seductiveness is in no way vulgar. At your home you will like to beautify your surroundings will flowers and put beautiful pictures on the wall. You will do things that enhance your loving mood. Venus in Libra would see you totally devoted to your partners needs and committed to fulfill his/her wishes and desires.

Venus in Libra and its effect on You.

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