Do planets for Love Marriage support you in your Horoscope

love marriage yog in horoscope

What is Love Marriage in Astrology

Love marriage is marriage which is decided primarily by the boy and the girl through their own choice denouncing customs, traditions and family beliefs.

With the chance in social structure and youth becoming more independent, love marriages have gained popularity these days.

Love marriage starts with a simple attraction, at times spontaneous and at times the relations takes time and slowly results into love. Astrologically attraction between the couple can be analysed and it is possible to find out whether such conditions exist in the horoscope of both. We can also find out if this attraction is of lasting nature or temporary and not likely to result into marriage. Astrologically it is very much possible to know the strength and duration of the relationship.

Love and Relationship in your Horoscope 

5th house is the prime house of love, attraction and relationship. Similarly customs and traditions are seen from the 9th house. 7th house is the prime house of marriage and also the partner.  Love marriage as explained earlier means deciding your life partner on your own without following family customs and traditions.

If the 5th house is strong and the without afflictions, also If the 5th house has strong emotional planets the native will be involved in a love relationship. The strong planet that create urge for love marriage is Saturn and also Rahu. In a male horoscope if Venus is afflicted through aspect or conjunction of Rahu or Saturn then love relationship will be there.

Therefore for love marriage we need to look at 5th , 7th , 9th house and lord and also the lagan because that is you in the horoscope.  You which is represented by lagan in a chart is equally important factor when looking for love marriage to check if you truly have the ability and the strength to face social challenges and community pressures. A weak you or ascendant will only have desire but not the authority and power to get up and face challenges that love marriage may pose.

In a female chart, Mars plays the most important role for love marriage. Therefore aspect or conjunction of Mars with either or both Saturn and Rahu indicate love relationship and also possibility of love marriage. Marriage also depends upon the disposition of Venus, Rahu, Saturn and Moon in both the charts.

It is also important to note that the conjunction , aspect should be in a benefic house and not in 6th, 8th or 12th house which are considered malefic by nature. Also the planet Venus and Mars should not be lord of the malefic houses, as then their aspect or conjunction will only bring frustration in the relationship. Possibility of obstacles in solemnizing will be high and breakup in the relationship would be strong.


Some of the strong yog in Horoscope which indicate Love Marriage

  1. 5th lord has an intimate relation by association, exchange or aspect with the 7th house or its lord.
  2. Lagnesh or the lagan / ascendant lord conjoins 7th lord in Kendra
  3. Moon and Venus in 7th house increase the attraction towards person of the opposite sex.
  4. Venus in 7th house conjoined, aspect with Mars
  5. Venus, Mars and Rahu in the 7th house , the native will have strong desire for sex and also be highly imaginative when having sex.
  6. If Venus of the male and Mars of the female chart are conjoined, aspect or exchange.
  7. When 5th house is occupied or aspected by a Mars, Moon or Venus. Moon should be strong and benefic in this regard. The native will be highly emotional and liable to fall in love with the opposite sex very easily.

If you want to know how strong are the chances of Love marriage in your horoscope and if arrange marriage is better than love marriage as per your birth chart. You can order a Detailed Marriage Report to know more about your Marriage and Love life.

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  1. Hello, I want to know that is there any scope of LOVE MARRIAGE in my HOROSCOPE. Date of birth 5 july 1989 time 4:15am place Chandigarh name – Smriti wangnoo.


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