Why Millennials still believe in Astrology

Why Millennials still believe in Astrology

Why Millennials still believe in Astrology

Did you know interest in the occult, tarot, and astrology is on the rise among millennials? Consider these facts that point to the shifting trends in recent years.

  • 22 percent of Americans don’t claim any religious affiliation.
  • Estimated at 1.5 million followers and practitioners of witchcraft in the United State, they outnumber the 1.4 million mainline members of the Presbyterian Church.
  • In a span of 18 years from 1990 to 2008, the number of Wiccans, a pagan religious system, grew by an astounding 42.5 times.

What’s driving this change and what does it mean for the future of people and their relationships? Here’s what we know about millennials and what’s important when it comes to personal choice and freedom.

Departure from Dominant Religions

More young Americans are rejecting traditional religions and expressing interest in pagan and occult forms of spirituality. Even though 70 percent of Americans continue to identify with Christianity, millennials are rejecting the Abrahamic religions and traditions that many grew up with.

Spirituality vs. Religion

Another reason why Millennials still believe in Astrology is that Millennials want to explore spirituality in a way that transcends the rituals of traditional religion. Once considered the domain of satanic and demon worship, today the occult, pre-Christian religions, and New Age traditions provide an outlet for people to practice free religious thought, gain new insights on Earth and nature, and practice a spiritual life and connectivity through concepts once considered taboo, like astrology. Many younger people say that belief in God and following traditional religious principles is not a necessary component of having good morals.

Millennials Are Reaching for the Stars to Find Their Spirituality

Today’s age 18 to 30 crowd is increasingly reaching for the horoscope section of their favorite magazine or learning about tarot online rather than reading the daily scripture and devotional readings so popular in mainstream Christianity. Websites such as Edelwyn, a popular resource for tarot learners, or Co-Star, an app for astrology readings, are examples of this.

More than 50 percent of younger adults believe that astrology is legitimate science. Tarot card and aura reading, mediumship services, and astrology together make up more than two-billion dollar psychic services industry.

Leading the Charge and Answering the Call

Another reason why millennials still believe in astrology is that millennials are attracted to spiritual concepts including metaphysical studies and herbalism. They are also interested in alternative spiritual practices such as spell-casting and meditation. There’s no wondering why there is a rise in people, places, products, and services that cater to these developing spiritual wants and needs. Led by millennial entrepreneurs, there are a growing number of smartphone apps, web-based subscription services, brick-and-mortar and online retailers, personal consultants, and local organizations that help people get in touch with their spiritual selves.

Why Astrology Resonates Among Millennials

Professional astrologers will tell you that astrology is not simply fortune telling. Astrology delves deep into your personality and lets you understand how guiding influences in your life help determine the overall direction that life takes you in. Those who look to astrology for daily guidance use it to understand how energies and attitudes apply to situations and impact their circumstances.

Another reason why millennials still believe in astrology is that millennials love personalization. That’s why many of them agree that astrology provides a more personalized and systematic approach to navigating through the spiritual aspects of everyday life. Rather than sit through a one size fits all sermon at a local church or congregation, some millennials choose a professional astrologer or a subscription-based online astrology service for tailored daily or weekly guidance in a variety of areas from career development to personal and romantic relationship building.

Astrology, Love, and Relationships for Millennials 

What’s your sign? It’s no longer a pick-up line from one of those 70s romantic comedy movies.

For thousands of years, people have looked to the stars to help guide them in all their familial, professional, and romantic relationships. Astrology-based dating has merit and is growing in popularity among millennials. Even traditional religions teach the importance of spiritual compatibility when choosing a mate that you may spend a lifetime and build a family with. Many online matchmaking services and dating apps are incorporating astrology to help users make better dating choices.

Finding the one, your soulmate, is an investment of time and energy from your heart and soul. You can’t just leave it to chance.

Millennials are no longer inclined to leave it to the universe to find the perfect mate. They know that when people are spiritually connected to the universe, they are more likely to make the connection with each other. Whether they choose to work with an astrologer to create a personalized dating profile to identify the qualities, and zodiac sign, of their perfect mate or utilize tools on astrology services as a guide, more millennials are making greater spiritually based dating choices.

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