Why The Prayer of Abundance Really Works

abundance prayer

The reason why money does not come easy to few people is that they are still not ready to receive the gift of abundance. Most might pray for wealth, but at the back of their minds, they still cling on the mindset that money is hard to earn. If you dwell in these thoughts, you will never have room for abundance in your life.

According to https://abundanceprayer.com/, abundance is something that you claim you already have. This means that while faith and praying are important, you should learn to cultivate an abundant state of mind. The Prayer of abundance will bring you into this paradigm, and it will help you think that abundance is already yours now– as if you already have it. If you are not sure whether this Prayer can help you attract wealth in all aspects of your life, check out the reasons below. These will enlighten you on how powerful this Prayer is.


The Abundance Prayer Can Help You Count Your Blessings

One of the best things about The Abundance Prayer is it clears your mind from negativity. Instead of dwelling on what is lacking, the Prayer helps you count your blessings. If your mind is filled with only positive thoughts, it is easy to attract positive energy around you. It is like telling the world that you are ready for a good life.

And as you spend every minute and hour of your day thinking about these thoughts, they try to grow by leaps and bounds. Life is like a ripple effect. A single thought or mindless act can affect another. It is similar to saying that if you radiate positivity to the world, the world will repay you with blessings and pleasant experiences.

The Prayer Helps You Nurture Positive Thoughts

Think about the time when you prayed that you would never be late for work. You woke up early, but as the seconds, minutes, and hours passed, you dwelled on only one thought — to not be late. Here, even if the outcome you wish for is entirely positive, the thought is still banking on the negative — being late. So, even if you woke up and dressed up early, you still found yourself stuck in traffic or caught up in an unpleasant experience that prevented you from going to work on time.

According to https://abundanceprayer.com/, with The Prayer of Abundance‘s help, you can shift your focus from not to be late to be thankful for having a job you can go to every morning. By merely shifting your focus, you now see your job as a blessing instead of a distasteful thing that you have to endure every day. If you continually become thankful for your job, you also attract abundance. Soon you will find yourself coming to work an hour early. You also start to have better relationships with your colleagues. Suddenly, your boss became nice and appreciative of you. Because of all these positive feelings, an appointment, or job satisfaction is simply around the corner. That is how powerful the Prayer of Abundance is. It leads you to think and utter positive things while preparing you for a more abundant future.

The Abundance Prayer will not only attract material wealth into your life. As you improve every facet of your life, you also get better results in each of these aspects. You will find yourself having better relationships and a happier life. It is totally up to you if you believe in the power of this Prayer or not. But looking at the things that you can conquer and enjoy, it would do you so much good if you give this Prayer a try.


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