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Rahu in the first house Result & Remedies Vedic Astrology

rahu in first house

Native with Rahu in the first house is valiant, courageous, strong and highly daring. The native is always ready to debate and argue. He conquers enemies with his sharp mind and selfish desires. The native is fond of good food. He likes freedom and likes to stay away from family if his freedom is interrupted. The native will see unexpected ...

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SCORPIO and TAURUS – Love, Nature and Sexual compatibility

taurus and scorpio compatibility sexually

Taurus persons are reserve whereas Scorpions have patience. Both are determined, obstinate and power ambitious, yet social and affectionate. Both will not stop at anything if angry but they are steady workers. So they will understand each other better than anyone else will. SCORPIO and TAURUS – Love, Nature and Sexual compatibility Both have the magnetic power to attract others, ...

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Aries and Libra Zodiac Sign Compatibility and Friendship

Aries and Libra compatibility

Aries indicates leadership, whereas Libra denotes cooperation and the combination of Aries and Libra can lead to excellent partnership. Aries has ego, where as Libra has a strong instinct of harmony. Aries is rash, energetic, and active and can stand the oddities of life. The attitude of behaving in a rash way and dominating others does not pay in the ...

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Aries Love and Sexuality Traits | Zodiac Signs

aries love and sexuality traits Zodaic sign

Aries Lover is extremely frank in how he / she feel. These natives are enthusiastic in love. They are practical and seek the best from their partner and do not hesitate to let you know when things are not right.  They are highly adventurous, independent, and also extremist by nature so when they are in love they will follow you ...

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Sun in Scorpio Transit Importance and Effects

Sun Transit in Scorpio is from November 17, 2015 and till December 16. 2015 Scorpio symbol is of an animal that hides and has the ability to inflict a painful sting when in danger.  It is of someone who does not believe in compromise or someone who mince words. Scorpio is the negative sign of planet Mars, which means the ...

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