Complete Guide to the Different Types of Astrology

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Guide to the Different Types of Astrology

If your morning routine involves sitting down with a cup of coffee and taking a peek at your horoscope, you’re not alone! In fact, as many as a quarter of Americans read their horoscope every day.

But obviously, there are more types of astrology than what your daily horoscope is pulled from. So what are they? And how is each one unique?

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Natal Astrology

Though there are dozens of types of astrology, natal astrology is the one you’re most likely familiar with.

If you hear someone talking about their “birth chart astrology” natal astrology is what they’re referencing. Natal astrology uses people’s exact time and place of birth in reference to the positioning of many celestial bodies at that time to tell more about a person’s life path, personality traits, and more.

Fun fact: Natal astrology is what wildly popular apps like Co-Star and The Pattern use!


Relationship Astrology 

As a subsection of natal astrology, relationship astrology uses the same principles to determine compatibility between two people.

This kind of astrology can be helpful in more than just romantic relationships to show how two people may complement or hinder each other. Using knowledge gained from relationship astrology you can build better friendships, partnerships, and business relations!

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Feng Shui Astrology 

You may also be familiar with feng shui astrology and not even realize it! Feng shui astrology is connected with the Chinese Zodiac which is likely the aspect of this form of astrology that you’ve heard of.

People use feng shui astrology to help them create harmony between themselves and their environments. Oftentimes people also use this form of astrology to help them better understand their surroundings and the ways they fit into them.


Horary Astrology 

This is one of the oldest forms of astrology! For centuries people have been using horary astrology to help them answer their most burning questions about life.

Astrologers are able to use charts similar to natal charts to predict likely outcomes of events using horary astrology. However, horary astrology is mostly performed by professionals and is not nearly as popular as other forms of astrology due to the precise and complicated nature of the practice.


Mundane Astrology

Another lesser-known type of astrology, mundane astrology is used to foreshadow global events and happenings.

Astrologers use detailed charts of celestial bodies at certain places and times paired with in-depth knowledge of historical events to help them recognize patterns and predict what the future may bring.


Even More Types of Astrology 

Who knew the world of astrology contained so much? And there’s more where that came from! This only brushed the surface of the dozens of types of astrology that exist today.

If you enjoyed learning about these different forms of astrology and want to keep discovering more, our site is full of the information you’re sure to find interesting. If you liked the article on different types of Astrology please give your opinion below.

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