Manglik Dosha Effects and Remedies – Remove mangal dosha

Manglik Dosha Effects and Remedies - Remove mangal dosha

Contrary to what people say Mars is the planet of union. Mars blessings are important for solemnizing of marriage. As a matter of fact Jupiter, Saturn and Mars play a very important role when it comes to formalizing marriage. However how is it that despite this Mars placement in the 1, 4, 7, 8 and 12th house can cause major problems in ones marital life. People get confused when they hear terms like Low Mangal Dosha or High Mangal Dosha. What is the real issue behind Mangal dosha.

Mars or Mangal is a fiery aggressive planet denoting energy and also violence, which is antipathy to a peaceful contented life.  Hence the placement of Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 8th and 12th house can destroy the signification of that house and the houses where Mars sees with its 4th, 7th and 8th aspect.  Some people call it Manglik dosha, Kuja Dosha and some call it Angaraka Dosha.

Since Mars represents qualities such as ego, friction, high energy etc., it is accepted that a person with such ‘violent’ characteristics cannot be good life partner material as he destroys his own life and that of his partner.

Given Below are effects of Mangal / Mars in different house.

Mars in 1st House:  The first house is Self. Mars in the first house, the native will have hot temperament; will be hasty in his decision making. If the native is in an inimical sign, the person will act first and think later. If the native is under influence of malefic then can be quarrelsome, physically violent. The native may use foul language and also be sexually abusive. Mars in lagan aspects the 7th and 8th house the native will cause tension, stress to the spouse and his will not be in a good relationship with his partner’s family.

Mars in 4st House:  As the 4th house represents family happiness, the native with Mars in the 4th house will have severe differences with his mother. Happiness at home will suffer because of his actions. The native will change jobs very easily and will not find job stability. Problems with spouse will also be there.

Mars in 7st House:  7th house represents spouse and marriage life. Such natives will be sexually very active and if the malefic are strong on the 7th house then can have more than one partner, can also have a very perverted mind and actions. The native will have instability on the career front and be hot tempered, arrogant and quarrelsome.

Mars in 8st House:  Mars in the 8th house, this is the strongest Mangal dosha. Native will lessen his longevity and will have bad relations with his spouse family and younger brother/sister. There can be loss of parental property. With malefic influence the native will be sexual pervert. The native will lead an extravagant lifestyle and distant himself from family because of his actions.

Mars in 12th House:  Mars in 12th house indicates lot of wasteful expenses, loss of money due to hasty decisions, marital problems due to ego clashes. There will be mental problems, tension and anxiety due to enemies. Highly sexually active, more than one partner if influenced by malefic. If conjoined with Rahu the native will be sexually perverted. Enjoy reading and watching obscene material.

The reason that a Manglik person should marry another manglik so that the two mangliks will cancel each other out.  Otherwise it will mean the person with mangal dosha will suppress the other partner. There are many remedies which a Manglik can perform both before marriage and after marriage to control the influence of Mars. If a Mangalik person is dealt with intelligently and diplomatically and is aware of his / her personality traits it can go a long way controlling his/her negative personality and habits. Also it is to be notes that the wreckage of a marriage cannot always be ascribed to Manglik reasons.  Other planets like 7th house and 7th lord along with Jupiter for females and Venus in a male horoscope play a very active role.  Perhaps that is why when horoscopes are matched, the astrologers match the complete horoscope, which is Ashtkoot Guna Milan and also Grah Milan (Matching of  the planets) , rather than only looking at the Mangal aspect in the horoscopes.

If you have Issues related to Mangal Dosha in your Horoscope Matching, I have the Answers. Look forward to help you with this Divine Knowledge.

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  1. Pl advice the boy is having low manglik & girl high mannglik whether marriage is preferable &remedy &effects
    N.d rane

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  3. Pl advice the boy is having low manglik & girl high mannglik whether marriage is preferable &remedy &effects. NG

  4. Awesome issues here Astrologer. Im very much keen to know more about Indian astrology and especially about Mars and its influence on first house of horoscope. I am very glad to read your article. Thank you a lot and I’m having a look ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

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