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Rahu Ketu Transit

Transit of Rahu in Virgo and Ketu in Pisces

Rahu and Ketu  the two nodes of the Moon have changed their signs. Rahu is entered Virgo while Ketu has entered Pices.  They will remain in this two signs till January 09, 2016. Rahu in the sign of Mercury and Ketu in the Sign of Jupiter is very interesting. Where as Rahu if exalted and strong can enhance your thinking ability, logical power, enhance memory  while malefic Rahu Rahu will only do the reverse, meaning make you prone to take reckless decisions, forgetfulness, living in an imaginative world without any substance. Ketu is a planet for spirituality and it being in the Jupiter Rashi will drag the native towards spirituality. However Pisces not to forget is a Dual signs and also the negative sign of Jupiter. How these changes will effect you, you can read below.


Position of Rahu: 6th House
Position of Ketu: 12th House

Rahu will give you energy to stand up in any competition and have the inclination to give a tough fight to those who oppose you. Hasty decision cannot be ruled out, especially when it comes to career related, therefore take every step prudently. Finances and money matter should be your priority. The more you go after your goals , the more are your chances of success. Those involved in a legal battle can expect satisfactory results during this transit. Ketu in Pisces in the 12th house will see you inclined towards spirituality. Expenses need to be controlled. Your involvement with members of the opposite sex will only bring you scandals.


Position of Rahu: 5th House
Position of Ketu: 11th House

There may be delays and difficulties for those planning a child. However is Jupiter aspects the 5th house or posited in the 5th house then difficulties in conceiving will be somewhat controlled. New opportunities for investment will be there but investment in stocks and shares should be done with extreme care. Diseases related to stomach will be more prominent during this period. Problems on the relationship front cannot be ruled out. Rahu in the house of intelligence in the sign of Mercury will give you new ideas, however it will not be easy to implement on those ideas so easily. Efforts done during this period will take you a long way in your life ahead.


Position of Rahu: 4th House
Position of Ketu: 10th House

Rahu in the 4th house and Ketu in the 10th house will not be a very favourable position. There will be trouble to the parents. Although the native will be wise, knowledgeable, talented and hardworking but results during this period till fall short of native’s expectations. Opposition from others towards your plans will be enormous be it at workplace or even at home. Chances of travelling to a distant land can be overseas will be very much there. The native may indulge in rash and compulsive action, only to harm self interest in the long run. For those in their formative years this happens to be a very critical period try to be happy with whatever you have achieved till now and put efforts for reaching your goals. Listening rather than talking will bring you success.


Position of Rahu: 3rd House
Position of Ketu: 9th House

Rahu in the 3rd house will give you enormous initiative to follow your dreams. Good opportunity to bring changes in your environment. Relationship with neighbors, community will improve. Distant journey will be undertaken and your communication skills will improve. However it will be wise to avoid getting excited when dealing with critical matters. New opportunities will be there and rise in fortunes will be there if you associate with likeminded people. Although your ability to perform will be good, pressure and expectations of others will bother your mind. You will be receiving a lot of attention and certainly you will not mind it. Spiritually a good period and some of you will come in contact with a person who will influence your thoughts enormously.


Position of Rahu: 2nd House
Position of Ketu: 8th House

This transit of Rahu in the Second house for Leos will make them earn lot of money, but knowing the extravagant lifestyle of Leos they will save little. Loss of money can be through theft or if you give to others, as recovery of the same will not be easy. Rahu in the 2nd house in the sign of Mercury , you could be highly boastful, talk too much and say things which you should not be saying. Food habits need to be controlled, you may be eating too much of junk and outside food which eventually could be ruining your health. Facial and dental problems in men especially while women could be facing more of gynecological problems.


Position of Rahu: 1st House
Position of Ketu: 6th House

This transit for Virgos in the lagna will give them the ability to overall all their challenges with a new confidence. It will be a period of remarkable gains as the confidence sees new heights. The native will develop new tact and techniques and learn remarkable skills in negotiation and manipulations. If malefic also aspects the first house then the native could get argumentative. If Rahu is exalted in natal the native will be victorious in whatever he/she plans. If Rahu is debilitated in the natal chart the native will be oversexed and have relationship with numerous women and will be looking for more. As a result the native is likely to feel distracted from this partner or be non-satisfied in this marital relationship. Those looking for a marital alliance may see some delays and problems on this front. Avoid partnership business and overindulgence in the work of others.


Position of Rahu: 12th House
Position of Ketu: 6th House

This transit for Librans will see Rahu in the twelfth house adding to additional and wasteful expenses. Increase in expenses on medicines, visit to hospital and problems related to eye can also be there. This is a period when you should avoid over dependence on others and take your own decisions. Obstacles during this period are certain but your proactive and logical thinking can certainly help you do the right thing. Problems are certain if you give money to others or take loans for self. Separation from family or your birth place temporary may be there for some. New opportunities are from distant place; those looking for an opportunity to visit abroad do have a brighter chance during this period. The native will gain money from more than one source, but the savings will be less. The native may indulge in many undesirable activities and can bring bad name to the family.


Position of Rahu: 11th House
Position of Ketu: 5th House

Controversies and scandals can be there with Rahu transiting the eleventh house. Income will be from more than one place and you could be tempted for making some quick gains. It is a period to look at things from a long term prospective and look at things afresh. You will be honored like a king if you are honest and helpful and abandoned if you try to be deceitful and over smart. This is not a good period related to children, stress and tension on that front will be there. It is also not a good period for speculation. Ketu in the 5th house will lead you towards distraction and spoil your concentration. Strong intuition and inclination towards spirituality during this period will be there.


Position of Rahu: 10th House
Position of Ketu: 4th House

This transit of Rahu in the 10th house will see an increase in your expenses mainly because of your thoughtless actions and undesirable activities. Work related pressure will ruin your mental peace. Although career wise uncertainty will prevail but you will make wonderful contacts during this period. You will be popular wherever you go, can be with the members of the opposite sex. Problems to the parents can be there during this period. There will be lot of ego clashes both at home and also at workplace. Over-dependence on others will be the reason you failure. It is the period to come out from the closet and work on new projects. Ketu in a watery sign in the 4th house, will give you water related stomach illness. Avoid roadside and junk food for good health.


Position of Rahu: 9th House
Position of Ketu: 3rd House

Rahu in the 9th house for the Capricorn native will see them on the move throughout this period. Distance journeys can be there for some. You are likely to put your hand and mind on many fronts, despite that It is truly a period where satisfaction will be low. Body pains, fatigue could bother you as you take out to do more than you can manage. Work pressure and stress is likely to show on you as you go out and try to please all. It is a great period for advancements in education. The native is likely to be more inclined more towards spirituality than purely performing religious duties. Friends and neighbors are likely to take advantage of you if you are not careful.


Position of Rahu: 8th House
Position of Ketu: 2nd House

This transit of Rahu in the 8th house, will see you going out of your way to please others. Instability in evident and you will be looking around to see what else you can do. There will be new proposals and schemes coming your way, however invest after you are sure about the authenticity and secured returns. Expenses are likely to be enormous and you will remain worried about meeting those. Your temperament and speech will be important for success during this period. Harsh speech will certainly bring opposition not only from friends and relatives but problems on the work front as well. Overseas projects and new from the foreign land is likely for some.


Position of Rahu: 7th House
Position of Ketu: 1st House

Rahu in the 7th house is likely to bring problems on the relationship front. If malefic are influencing the 7th house and also the 7th lord then the partner may not be interested in sex. The partner will try to be dominating and will pick up fights over small issues. If Moon is conjoined with Rahu in the 7th house, the native will enjoy a lot with members of the opposite sex. If the affliction on the 7th house is strong then the native may suffer from disease account with his liaison with many partners. Professionally one will find difficulty in finding success during this period. Especially those who are into some business. It is period where your expenses will overshoot your profits. Gains from people at high places can be there. Work pressure will be enormous whereby you may ignore your health.

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