Virgo and Aquarius – Love friendship Compatibility Zodiac Signs

Virgo and Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius people are at ease with small circles of friends.  They do not like large noisy crowds.  Have relatively few close friends whom they have as strong mental connection with.

Virgo and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility Characteristics 

  • Persons who are Virgo need strong love mates who are not over emotional and can stand for themselves. From exterior they seem cold and aloof but are caring and loving people.
  • For a Virgo to be attracted one needs to show intellect and ambition. Communication skills can be displayed to them in conversations or relevant topics.  Respect comes first for one to win a Virgo.
  • They are not very romantic, for them sex is sensual and lovely. Aquarians are uninhibited lovers who are experimental and passionate thus can teach Virgo people to have freer and erotic sex life in bed.
  • The success of Virgo and Aquarius relationship is that it feels good at first. When solutions are required Aquarians act without thinking and Virgo use the true and tried method.
  • Like to create order and not chaos while Aquarians like to create chaos from order. This aspect will keep them busy.
  • Both do not rush into commitments and thus are on the same page. Are comfortable with giving the relationship time to develop.  Virgo persons are detached therefore agreeing but for different reasons.
  • Aquarians are adventurous rebels, deep thinkers, need physical space and express freedom. They are aloof at first preferring a mental connection before having a sexual relationship.
  • Aquarians look for partners who are open, frank and communicative like Virgo. For an Aquarian to be attracted presentation of wisdom, independence and confidence will score.
  • Aquarians are optimistic while Virgos are pessimistic. The stability of Virgo looses ground when Aquarians show their dominating side.  A good relationship might occur by blending Virgo’s clear thinking with Aquarius inventiveness.  Aquarians can teach Virgo imagination and Virgo teaches stability and patience to Aquarius.


Virgo Aquarius Sexual Compatibility 

  • Have a fairly solid partnership outside the bedroom. Neither will bring out the wild or passionate part of the other because of being so intellectual.  Steps have to be taken to maintain it.  Sex needs to be planned for and discussion on how to make it better.
  • Aquarius will not consider a sexual relationship without first establishing a mental connection. If you press them sexually they typically become turned off or pushed away.
  • Aquarius partners are intense lovers from their dep romantic tendencies once committed.
  • Aquarius are adventurous partners thus need to lead the way. Likely to get bored before Virgo partner if so, keep partner guessing and mix it up.  Can reverse the vicious circle and corrupt the reserved Virgo abit!
  • Virgo women take feedback to hart so criticism can do more harm than good. Encouragement will do best.
  • Virgo women are very loyal. They do not cheat just for the sake of it but if unhappy or dissatisfied over a long period.
  • Virgo can be fairly quiet after sex as they need time to process and analyze before giving feedback.

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