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Virgo and Pisces

Pisces are caring and romantic in nature while Virgo are intelligent and use common sense.  Pisces persons bringing the fantasy and Virgo persons the practicality which fits perfectly. 

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility Characteristic

 Pisces man is emotional, powerful, creative, intuitive and caring. He is also a sensitive and most trusted friend.

  • Pisces men sense and feel things which other miss this makes them a bit mysterious and psychic. Often skilled at reading signals from people like body language.
  • Pisces men can be excellent emotional healers and creative artists.
  • Pisces men are very compassionate, self-sacrificing, highly sympathetic and unassuming. They absorb emotions from their surroundings often being happy or depressed according to the mood of others.
  • Money could be a major issue in Virgo Pisces relationship as a Virgo cares about it and a Pisces does not. Virgos are called obsessive while Pisces are called irresponsible.
  • Sometimes Virgo Pisces relationship seems like very understandable and feeling like soulmates when things are good but complete opposites.
  • Virgos are mentally meticulous and neat while Pisces are disorganized and lazy. Pisces often suggest lead with your heart instead of analyzing things.
  • Virgos can be critical while Pisces easily hurt and sensitive. Several time they hurt each other’s feelings.
  • Pisces are very ‘vulnerable’ and fell they need a Virgo more than a Virgo needs them. Thus it is impossible to hate such a selfless, compassionate and caring person.  Pisces will always be there to support
  • Though admiring and respecting each other’s skill set, they do not find much use for it. Virgo has common sense while Pisces is a dreamer.  One writes lists while the other writes poems.
  • Pisces men appreciate inner peace by giving to others which is a generous and selfless sign. Help others generally and get lots of satisfaction from this.
  • Pisces men think with their heart and not head and dislike confrontation. They have difficulty in saying no or leaving relationships and other bad situations.
  • Pisceans are idealist at heart thus attracted to art, drama, creativity and fantasy to escape bad situations and frequent life disappointments.
  • When Pisces men fall in love they fall deeply in love. They may seem shy initially and hard to read.  They date more outgoing partners. 

Virgo Pisces Compatibility in Bed

 Lots of physical chemistry and emotional experience.

  • Satisfying and emotionally intense sex and other areas of relationships. May find to be craving for a more assertive selfish lover.
  • May find Virgo partner to be distracted sometimes and wonder if they are getting much out of the sex. Would do anything to please them though will not be able to be over the high metal walls.
  • Pisces men are very romantic and erotic lovers favoring subtle and not direct and unspoken over blatant.
  • If neglected for long may seek connection elsewhere though very loyal.
  • Pisces men are the last people to go on a casual fling.

Overall Pisces Virgo is not a terrible relationship and most probably will spend a happy life exploring love depths and existing intimacy.


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