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Yoni Kuta in Kundli Matching

Yoni kuta compatibility in Kundali Milan

In simple words Yoni means Sex and Yoni Kuta means sexual compatibility. The sexual urge of a person depends upon the respective species. For example a cheetah sexual strength is supposed to be as close to that of a tiger. The human beings have different behavior towards sex, which are governed by their respective Zodiac signs. Those born under the sign of Leo will have characteristics of Lion even in their sexual dealing with the partner.
They will tend to be more dominating, forceful and very adventurous in bed. Those born under the sign of Aries will have characteristics of Ram, and will tend to be timid, mild when dealing sexually with their partner. If both partners belong to the male constellations or Nakshtras then they are likely to disagree in sex matters. Therefore the best thing is to match the male belonging to the male asterism with a female belonging to the female asterism. This will enable the married partners to bring sexual compatibility amongst them. Sexual contentment of the partners is very important for any happy marital life, therefore Yogi kuta is given lot of importance in Ashtkoot Guna Milan, as it takes into account the sexual aspects of marriage and indicates sexual similarities with regard to sexual urge and sex compatibility in terms of sexual organs.

Yoni Kuta Table:

All the 27 Naskstras have been assigned certain animal characteristics as given in the below table:

Male Female Class of Yoni
Aswani Shatabhisha Horse
Bharani Revati Elephant
Pushya Krittika Sheep
Rohini Mrigasira Serpent
Moola Ardra Dog
Aslesha Punarvasu Cat
Magha Poorva Rat
Uttra Uttrabhadra Cow
Swati Hasta Buffalo
Vishakha Chitra Tiger
Jyeshta Anuradha Hare
Poorvashada Sravana Monkey
Poorabhadra Dhanista Lion
Uttarashada Mongoose

The marriage between the constellation indicating same class of Yoni and between the male and the female stars of that yoni is said to lead to sexual compatibility, marital harmony and healthy progeny. If the male and female happen to be born in friendly yoni, but both represent female constellations, there will be frictions and disagreements leading to reduction in happiness. If however both belong to male constellations, there will be constant quarrels and major reduction in marital happiness.

If marriage takes place between a male born in Moola nakshtra and female born in Ardra , this will be a very sexually satisfying relationship because the Nakshtra Moola and Aridra both are in the pair defines with the Dog.  Such a combination will get full 4 points in Ashtkoot Gun Milan score. The combination between the Male – Male hostile Yoni will get 0 points.

The below given pairs are hostile and should be avoided.

Cow and Tiger, Horse and Buffalo, Elephant and Lion, Cat and Rat, Dog and Hare, Serpent and Mongoose, Monkey and Sheep.

The below table has allotted points based on the various combinations when looking at the Yoni Kuta.

Points – add in Ashtkoot Gun Milan
Male Female Same Yoni


Male Female Friendly Yoni

3 ½

Female Female Same Yoni


Female Female Friendly Yoni

2 ½

Male Male Same Yoni


Male Male Friendly Yoni

1 ½

Male Female Hostile Yoni


Female Female Hostile Yoni


Male Male Hostile Yoni


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About Navneet Khanna

Astrologer Navneet Khanna, is a former World Bank & SIDA consultant, he has held many prestigious projects in India and Africa before settling down in his native place, near Chandigarh and following his passion in Vedic Astrology. Navneet is very scientific and logical in his Predictions. He reasons his predictions because of which he has a worldwide following and people from many countries solve their problems with his help. He is an expert in Marriage and Love Relationship. In Marriage Matching he does analysis of Guna Milan and also Grah Milan (Matching of the Planets) and will tell you effects and remedies of Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha & Gana Dosha if present. He is an Expert Astrologer on Many Indian & Foreign Websites like and a frequent writer for many national and international websites and magazines. Navneet believes that Vedic Astrology is a vast subject, it is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom. It is simply up to the individual to jump into the ocean and extract the pearls. With his vast experience on occult subjects he has been associated with leading astrologers in India to promote astrology. Navneet Khanna believes that the energy and inspiration behind him is the Blessings of the Almighty. You may contact him on his number 0091-9417884861 .

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  1. Hi sir,

    What kind of problem will come if female rat and male
    Cat get married ? Please tell me.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi sir,

    Im in a relation with my girl from 1.5years and i we decides to get married, same cast no problem from parents but only point is
    Mine: mruga(deer)
    My girl’s : sharpa(snake)

    We are ready to face all the challenges but What will be the problem if we marry.

    • Yoni is basically sexual compatibility between the couple. Yoni is one of the many things that are seen in Ashtkoot Guna milan. If other things are strong, there is no Grah Maitri dosha, Nadi Dosha and Bhakoot dosha. Then Yoni can be ignored.


      Navneet Khanna

  3. Uttarphalguni cow yoni matching with poorvashada monkey this is a gud match??

    • Yoni is sexual compatibility and it is one of the many things that are seen in Horoscope Matching or Kundali Milan. Sexual satisfaction is one of the prime motives of getting married. If there is incompatibility and if any partner is not happy in the relationship sexually, then there will always be problems. You should check other things as well and if other things are strong and there is no Grah maitri dosha, Nadi dosha , Bhakoot dosha then Yoni can be ignored. If there are other doshas then you should get the kundali checked properly so that there are no complications later.


      Navneet Khanna

    • its ok
      i am monkey she is cow
      i love it


  5. Sir,
    I love a girl.I am belonging to purvebhadra and she is belongs to shatabhisha in kundali milan we got 19/36 i.e., we loss 17 points they are as follow
    – Loss 8 in Nadi (Nakshtra fall under nadi dosh exemption) I feel its ok.
    – Loss 6 in gana kuta (mine is Manav and her is Rakshas) ready to face what will happen
    – Loss 3 point in yoni (mine is Lion and her is Horse)
    I am concern about yoni koota. In short I am concern about her.she should be happy

  6. Dear Sir,

    My Yoni Is Mushak and girl yoni is Bilav. Please help me understanding as the points are showing zero.

    • Yoni is Sexual compatibility between the couple. If the Yoni score is Zero it means that there is Yoni Dosha in Kundali milan. Sexual satisfaction is one of the important reasons for marriage. It is important for both to get satisfaction in the relationship, if one of the partner is not happy then it will only bring problems in the relationship. However any marriage proposal should not be rejected / ignored only because there is Yoni Dosha. You should get the complete horoscope matching done. If other factors are strong then marriage can be considered.


      Navneet Khanna

  7. How much point get scored ig male have lion yoni and female have mugu (deer) yoni?

  8. Hi Sir,

    Yoni kuta is Not Matching ,Both Are Already Married . Girl yoni Lion and Me Its Elephant . Any Solutions

  9. I saw one girl for marriage .she am coming yoni outta. whether it’s compatible

  10. Hi sir,

    I’m trying to find the Yoni kuta compatibility. I’m a male with “Rat” yoni and my girl has “Dog” yoni. Could you please let me know whether this can be considered a good match? Thanks.

  11. Girl name
    Shikha singh
    Time-10:30 am
    Place-pratapgarh uttarpradesh

    Boy name
    Vivek inwati
    Time-5:35 am
    Place-Nagpur maharashtra

    Please tell me ki humari shadi hogi ya ni aur koi problem hogi kya humare shadi mein.succesful rahegi ki ni. Aur koi dosh hai kya please sir.

  12. hello

    i have seen kundali and gun milan is very less just 18..minimum 26 is necessary to harmonious marriage..

    so shadi me 50-50 chance hai.


  13. How will be the match between a male who is lion and the girl cat

  14. Sir my bf has tiger yoni and mine is shwan(dog) yoni and my grah is jupiter and his venus & our over all score is 26-27 out of 36 so can i marry him?? Pls reply

    • Jupiter and Venus are not friendly, therefore despite good milan, there will always be challenges in your relationship. A person influenced with Jupiter is more generous and benovelent. Whereas a person ruled by Venus is funloving, carefree and materialistic by nature. For him his friends and social life is very important. I suggest that you do grah milan as well before marriage.


      Navneet Khanna

  15. In this chart:, Ashlesha is described as having feminine expression, whereas your page indicates Ashlesha as male. How to reconcile the difference?

  16. Tell me the relationship between male cat yoni with female lion yoni

  17. I received one match, the boy belong to Shatibhiksha naksthra, Yoni is Horse and Bhakoot is :0
    Where as mine is Swati nakshtram, Female buffalo and Bhakaoot is 0

    Can you please tell if the match is fine. ?We have received 19 points out of 36

    • Yoni means sexual incompatibility. Bhakoot dosha is never good as it indicates love, relationship and ego problems. Marriage should only be considered if bhakoot dosha gets cancel.


      Navneet Khanna

  18. What is the advice for union between man born in female nakshatra Krittika and female born in male nakshatra Pushya?

  19. Sir, I want to marry my son with a girl . In kundali match, nadi dosh is found. Nadi of both is Aadi. Boy rashi is Kanya whereas girl rashi is Mithun. Boy nakshatra is Hasta and girl nakshatra is Adra. Other details are-
    Boy name is Rajnish, DOB – 2/4/1988, TOB – 1.55 AM, Place of birth – Allahabad Girl name is Snigdha , DOB – 5/9/1988 TOB – 09.45PM,Place of birth – Rewa (Madhya Pradesh). Please tell me whether marriage of both is recommended.

  20. Hi sir,
    Mine is Aries – Barani 3, My Girlfriend is Aries -Ashwini 4
    Our kundali matching is 33/36
    I have low kuja dosha, she has medium kuja dosha.
    Mine is elephant yoni, she is House yoni
    Can we marry, ours is inter cast..
    Is it good, please tell me sir

    Thank You

    • I show in Internet it’s shows my kuja dosha cancelled due to birth day Tuesday, her also cancelled Saturn in some place

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