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Nadi Dosha Importance, Effects and Remedies in Matching

In Sanskrit Nadi has several meaning, but in astrology Nadi signifies pulse or nerves energy indicating the physiological and also the hereditary factors. The importance of Nadi can be seen from the fact that in Ashtkoot Guna Milan it has the maximum points.

Nakshatra Melapak also known as Ashtkoot Guna Milan is the system devised to assess mental and physical compatibility of the couple on different fronts.   Nadi relating to children has the maximum points. The runners-up to Nadi are Bhakoot, accounting for 7 points and Gana with 6 points.   These and other aspects cover mental, emotional, social, temperamental and even sexual compatibilities, amongst others.

However astrologers give maximum importance to any incompatibility in the nadi; perhaps this is because the existence of nadi dosha can mean either no or weak children – which no couple would wish for.  A horoscope reading indicating nadi dosham can signify miscarriage or still birth, even after conception does take place.

The three types of Nadi are: Adi, Madhya and Antya correspond to the three basic types in Prakrittis (nature) in Ayurveda, Kaph, Vaat and Pitha.  Intermarriage between individuals with the same Nadi is prohibited as it weakens the offspring.  Marriages within the same family are frowned upon in most cultures and there is growing evidence that cross breeding is better for the offspring than inbreeding is.

Ayurveda enumerates three Nadis Vata (Wind), Pitha (Bile) and Sleshma (Phlegm). The boy with predominantly windy or phlegmatic or bilious constitution should not marry the girl of the same type. If there is similar Nadi between the boy and the girls horoscope it leads to Nadi Dosha and its score is 0. If Nakshtras are dissimilar it scores full 8 marks. The following are the 27 Nakshtras associated with various Nadi.

Vaat /Adi Nadi Pitha / Madhya Nadi Sleshma /Anthya Nadi
Jyestha Pushya Swati
Uttrphalguni Mrigasira Vishakha
Hasta Chitra Krittika
Adra Anuradha Rohini
Punarvasu Bharni Ashlesha
Shatbhisa Dhanistha Magha
Purvabhadrapad Purvashada Uttrashada
Ashwini Purvaphalguni Shravana
Moola Uttrabhadrapad Revati

The consequence of such a marriage is felt upon children. If there is Vaat then the child born will have Vayu related problems like gastic problems. If there is Madhya Nadi this is considered most dangerous of all Nadi and marriage under this condition will have Pita or Garmi related problems like frequent fever, boils etc. Problems in Anthya Nadi can be related to asthma, cough, sinus, bronchitis.

Perhaps Nadi matching evolved from the need to maintain the strength of the breed after inbreeding weakened the strains.  Astrology warns of severe health problems to the nadi dosha couple and their children. If Nadi is not present on the basis of Nakshatras then the same may be checked taking into account the nakshtra charan. Therefore the different charan/pada will be grouped as under.

Ashwani -1                              Ashwani-2                               Ashwani-3

Bharni-2                                  Bharni-1                                  Ashwani-4

Bharni-3                                  Bharni-4                                  Kritika-1

Starting from Ashwani Pada 1 counting should be done forward and backwards as given above.

In many books it is mentioned that there are no exceptions for Nadi dosha, especially the Madhya Nadi dosha. Special attention is required by the astrologer to check if other factors are prevailing in the horoscope that can oversee a happy married life. There are scholars who believe that nadi dosha can be overlooked if there is no Nadi Paad Vedha.

Nadi is the most important Koot in Ashtkoot Guna Milan or Horoscope Matching and having Nadi Dosha can be bad as it strongly suggest problems on the marital front. There will be health problems to self and major problems related to progeny. However there are Puja remedies for Nadi dosha which can cancel Nadi Dosha and the native can lead a very happy and normal life.

If you have Nadi Dosha in your Horoscope Matching, check and make sure there is no Nadi Paad Vedha. Look forward to help you with this Divine Knowledge.

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  1. Hi Sir,

    I got an alliance. And everything was OK from the both sides. Finally my parents went to Jyotish to know match compatibility and it was told we are having Nadi dosha and Gunas are not matching. And my parents are against to it now. I heart fully loved him and wanna marry him.

    Please let us know if really dosha present and if any, remedy for that. Requesting you to provide the details and will be more thankful for your reply.

    Details are as below.

    Name: Anusha
    DOB: 27th July 1989
    TIme of birth: 7:15 AM
    Place of birth: Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh

    Name: Bharath
    DOB: 27th May 1986
    Time of Birth: 19:15
    Place of Birth: Kurnool ,Andhra pradesh.

    • Some prblm with me this posted on 2015 you married withbsame person what about your lyf pkz tell me

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