Things you need to know when Mars is in the First House

Things you need to know when Mars is in the First House

When Mars is in the first house or the ascendant, the native will want to have control over his own life. The native dislike restraints of any kind and cannot take orders. The native wants to be in charge of himself and take leadership role rather than following others. The native will be active, energetic but hot temperament, egoist, reckless and prone to take hasty decisions in life. The native will be short of decisive intellect due to his rashness and he will repent repeatedly after taking wrong decisions. Devoid of the pleasure of land and house and the native will lose respect in the society because of his actions.

mars in first house

When Mars is in the first house or ascendant, it aspects the 4th house of domestic peace and happiness. It also aspect the 7th house of marriage and spouse and 8th house of longevity. The 4th house brings family happiness and when the person is manglik, the family or domestic happiness reduces due to his actions. The native will be so independent and carefree that no matter how much family members want to influence the native he/she will revolt against family members.

 Seventh house is the house of sexual pleasure as it is one of the “Kama” house. The native will be excessively inclined towards material and sexual pleasure, it will incorporate a kind of sadism to the pleasure. Such a native is cruel towards husband or wife and the native will be bereft of happiness. 7th house is the joy of the 4th house, therefore huge ideological difference between the husband and wife will be there, which will disturb marital happiness. One person could be steeped in excessive sexual pleasure while other person could be cold and will have little or no interest in carnal desires. Separation, opposition, dishonor is natural in domestic life under these circumstances. Actually Mars burns happiness, household and intelligence by its aspect on these houses.

8th house is the house of longevity. If there is malefic influence on Mars and weak 8th house, the native will have health problems and uncontrolled sexual appetite. The native will have multiple partners.

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