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Decode Your Dreams Using Astrology

Here’s How to Decode Your Dreams Using Astrology?

Decode Your Dreams Using Astrology

We wish we could know the exact meaning of the dreams that we saw last night. How good it would have been if people could know the meaning of their dreams instantly with some kind of technology or process. Unfortunately, we can only derive the possible meanings of our dreams, and all that we see during our sleep hardly or seldom has any concrete outcomes in our real life. And dreams have always been a thing of curiosity to human beings. 

What is a dream?

A series of images, thoughts, and sensations which happen in the subconscious mind of a person when they are asleep. 

Why do we dream?

There is yet to be a scientific consensus as to why you dream. Some say they have no significance, while some say it is required for the emotional and mental stability of the body. No consensus yet, though. 

What do Dreams signify? Is there any meaning behind them?

Dreams and nightmares are a personification of the complexity of the human mind. Even when the person is asleep, the mind is not. It continues to wander and think and, in this process, might produce scenarios that may be from past memory or something totally oblivious to reasoning, but the significance always exists. The Human brain is too well designed for it to simply have a non-significant function. Do dreams have meanings behind them? Well, that is an interpretation left to the people themselves. For some people, it might be as significant as a Monkey trying to perform surgery, and for some people who believe it has significance, they consider it a life-changing and altering scenario which might change or direct one’s fate and destiny as to how it is interpreted and acted upon.

What is Astrology? How is it related to dreams?

Astrology is the study of the relative position of the celestial bodies (Planets etc.) interpreted in a manner that will showcase its influence and impact on daily Human affairs. 

Coming to the aspect of how Astrology can help decipher dreams, as the planets signify certain elements and scenarios, and in dreams, we find those elements and scenarios, they can be directly linked to our astrological inclination at that moment and time. 

An example would be where one dreams about a fire, which according to dream experts and interpreters, symbolizes danger in certain scenarios. The planet Uranus is a symbol of Fire, so the dream can be interpreted by correlating the Astral projection of Uranus at the time of your dream. 

How do we decode our dreams by using Astrology?

Now that we know what dreams are and what Astrology is and also have established how they are linked, we come to the question of whether we can use Astrology to understand the meaning behind our dreams. Is there a link? Is there a logic that will allow us to decode the hidden meaning behind a dream we have in our bunk bed by linking it to the stars?

Your astrological signs can help you better understand your dreams. When the celestial planets are orbiting around the sun, they tend to orient themselves with the zodiac signs for a fixed period of time. Therefore, your dreams are accordingly impacted or influenced by the presence of a particular planet aligned with your zodiac sign. These can also help you decode a dominant and recurring theme that you would most likely see in your dreams.

For instance, if the planet Neptune positions itself along with your zodiac sign, you are bound to see a water-themed dream. This is because more than 80 percent of the planet consists of icy water. In order to evaluate the effect of the shifting planets orbiting around the sun and aligning with your zodiac signs, you must know the basic properties of every celestial body.

The constellation you were born in and your birth star map are also the other major influencers of the dreams you witness. This specifically comes in handy when your sun sign does not seem to affect how your dreams work. Therefore, the other elements such as your moon sign, your birth constellation, or your birth star map can help you dig deeper into your dreams and also understand how these elements impact them. 

The pattern of making sense of your dreams or decoding them can also be determined by your birth chart. For starters, it is a good idea to document each and every dream you experience. 

For most of you, this would be very challenging as you cannot really remember all your dreams. However, it is advisable to make a note of every single thing that you are able to recall. Don’t worry too much about making sense of the sequence of events. You can scribble some basic notes for your reference to gradually get the hang of it.

The Importance of the Moon

While decoding dreams keeping in mind the astrology perspective, the moon is the principal celestial body that can not only substantially regulate your sleep cycle but also your avoided self with bottled-up or suppressed feelings and emotions. Therefore the moon has the ability to control and give shape to what you dream. 

In a month, the moon goes through several different phases and passes through all the twelve houses as well as zodiac signs. So, how your dreams would progress would totally depend on which zodiac and house the moon is in during one of its phases. If the moon is currently oriented with or is in the same zodiac sign as your moon sign (meaning – the moon is now aligned with a sign it was aligned with when you were born), your relationship with the celestial body is much stronger. This can help you have more crystal-clear, lifelike dreams, pretty close to lucid dreams. 

Note – If you want to be able to recall your dreams or be aware of them while dreaming. You can try the different effective techniques mentioned in Dreams and Mythology. These can easily help you induce lucid dreams

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