Effects of Sun in 7th house of Horoscope

sun in 7th house

According to Vedic beliefs, the 7th house is an inauspicious one for the Sun to be in. While all aspects of life are negatively influenced when the Sun is found to be in this position in the horoscope, the marital life is impacted the most. This unfavorable position of the Sun causes disruptions in the person life by delaying marriage, causes unhappiness within the marriage and incompatibility with the spouse. Extra marital affairs result due to this harmful influence. According to some belief systems, when the Sun is in this position, the family may start to face problems from the time the person is born and this placement may cause infertility in women.

The Sun influences the temperament of the person making one predisposed to temper tantrums. The person is said to have a selfish attitude, a suspicious mind and an unhappy life. Loss of reputation, poverty and disappointments also result from the malefic influence of the Sun. Under the influence of a weakly placed Sun, a person can be excessively aggressive and intense. When the Sun is in the 7th house, the marital partner of the person embodies these qualities. The aggressive and intense disposition leads to friction and disharmony in married life. The person also faces slander and disrespect.

Remedies are prescribed to control the negative influence of the different planets. These simple and time-tested remedies reduce the difficulties that arise from the weak positions of the malefic planets in the birth chart or when the planets are negatively influenced by other planets. Traditional Vedic remedies and remedies from the Lal kitab are recognized for the quick and lasting results they bring. Remedies for the Sun provide relief from the problems that occur due to this placement of the sun, turn bad luck to good fortune and can improve married life.

Remedies to be done when Sun is in the 7th house:

  1. Take a square piece of copper. Bury it in the earth, at a location where it will remain undisturbed.
  2. Feed hornless black and red cows. Look after their welfare to appease the Sun.
  3. Consume less salt with your meals.
  4. Before starting a new project, taking an exam or embarking on a long journey, eat something sweet and drink some water.
  5. Offer a portion of food items made from wheat to the kitchen fire, before eating the meal.

3 thoughts on “Effects of Sun in 7th house of Horoscope

  1. This is a great sharing and really helpful to all the persons and make decision as per defined information above. I appreciate and like Vedic Astrology and this means a lot when it comes from one of the best astrologers.

  2. This is my birth details – Date of birth :31 /12 /1994, Birth time – 6.25 pm, Birth place – Hassan (karnataka).
    I have conjuction of sun, moon and Mercury in 7th house. Please tell me about my married to. Can’t i lead good married life in my life time? What remedies should i need to perform?

  3. I am afraid that your married life will be miserable since all planets are weak in your horoscope and your seventh house is the weakest among all houses. Read my blog and come through Paid Consultation to know more about the horoscope.

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